DIY Service Manager Analyst Portal – Part 1

One of the shortcomings of the Service Manager product is the lack of an analyst portal for remote technicians to easily view and resolve tickets without having to remote into a machine and use the SCSM console.

This short series of blog posts will show my way of getting around this limitation and after this prelude I will start to add more posts in the near future.  Using the SDK for SCSM I was able to build my own analyst portal which performs beautifully on both a desktop browser and mobile device.

This is a straightforward HTML website driven by C# in the background – no fancy HTML5 or anything here (so far)!  I will generalize the code as I post it as some menu items are hard-coded, such as technician names to link to their tickets.  Also the current implementation only looks at IR (Incident Request) tickets that have been submitted.  In my organisation we do not use Service Requests or Change Requests but if you do you can try modifying the code.

This code is offered freely for you to investigate and carries with it no warranty or anything like that.

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