DIY Service Manager Analyst Portal – Part 6 – So What Does It All Look Like?

Hey folks!

It has been a while since I posted.  OK, more than a while.

In previous parts of the Analyst Portal series I have posted the code that drives what I can see on my Analyst Portal but…what good is that if you can’t see it unless you implement the code?

This is what the default.aspx website looks like…


This is what the details.aspx website looks like, using generic data…


This is what the edit.aspx website looks like…


Finally, this is what the serial.aspx website looks like, both blank and after a serial number has been typed and submitted…


It looks fairly…bland…but on a mobile device (such as my S5) it is crisp and clear and, unless someone has included a link in the description field, all fits width-wise on the screen and easily scroll-able and usable.

There are vendors out there that will offer you an Analyst Portal, but my sticking point is having to pay for something that can be done in-house.  This is just a basic portal in its current incarnation but could be built upon.  Everything needed is in the SDK.


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