SCCM – Some Experiences with Error 0x8004005

Howdy folks and welcome back!

In addition to Service Manager, I also do a lot of work with Configuration Manager (or SCCM if you prefer).  Actually, about 90-99% of my System Center time is directed at SCCM, so I have had a fair amount of experience with it in our environment.

One of the more vexing errors you will find in SCCM during OSD is error 0x8004005 which if anything is a generic error that can be triggered by a number of things.  Instead of doing a Case 1, Case 2, etc way of going through the scenarios, these are the top things to look for when troubleshooting this issue when it pops up (again, during OSD (Operating system Deployment)).

  • Ensure the data/time of the system is correct
  • Ensure the BIOS is up to date
  • Check your network account and ensure if has security access in Software Library -> Operating Systems -> Operating System Images
    • For good measure, double-check to ensure the username/password is correct anyway
  • Ensure the hard drive is in good working order (chkdsk /r and drive diagnostics are your friends)

Lastly: IT COULD JUST BE THE TASK SEQUENCE!  We have literally solved a 0x8004005 issue in our environment by deleting the existing task sequence and recreating an exact duplicate in its place and redeploying it.  If all else fails, try it.  You might just want to bang your head on a desk if it works because that is all there is left to do.

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