SCCM – Remove Built-In OneDrive From Windows 10 During OSD

Hi everyone,

One of the “features” on Windows 10 is, whether you’re going to use it or not, OneDrive is installed without asking for it (even if the first application install of your Task Sequence is Office and OneDrive for Business (or you bake it in during image creation)).

Anyway, it is pretty easy to get rid of but it involves editing the default user registry.  I made a blog post before this describing my basic method to do this: SCCM – Edit The Default User Registry

What I have is a “Install Command Line” step in my Task Sequence that runs “cmd.exe /c removeOneDrive.cmd”.  This script in turn gets made in SCCM as a package.  This is what is in that script…

reg load "hku\Default" "C:\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT" 
reg delete HKU\default\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v OneDriveSetup /f
reg unload "hku\Default"

The majority of my scripts I run in both the image creation task sequence and my deployment task sequence, mainly so I am sure that at some point it was killed.

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