SCCM – Set Windows 10 Desktop Background To Solid Colour (For All Users) During OSD

Hey everyone,

I’d like to preface this blog post by saying that this was perhaps the one setting that took the longest to figure out as there wasn’t much of anything about it online at the time and what was found just didn’t seem to work right.  Thankfully, after a whole bunch of trial and error and many reimagings of my VM the answer was finally at hand.

This script, as with most I have, runs during my image creation and during my actual OSD task sequence.  It is definitely unnecessary but after trying so hard to figure it out you just want to know that it is applying.

Anyway, my first step was to create a 1920×1080 img0.jpg file of the solid colour I wanted.  The file is img0.jpg because that is what the default background in Windows 10 is called.  I chose one of the lighter-blues that Windows let you choose from when setting a background.  This has traditionally been our background as it isn’t hard on the eyes and we haven’t bothered to change it.  Combined with ‘our colour’ being an off-lime green this is the better choice.

Second step is to create my loadSolidColourBackground.cmd script that contains the followinging…

takeown /f c:\windows\WEB\wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg
takeown /f C:\Windows\Web\4K\Wallpaper\Windows\*.*
icacls c:\windows\WEB\wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg /Grant System:(F)
icacls C:\Windows\Web\4K\Wallpaper\Windows\*.* /Grant System:(F)

del /q C:\Windows\Web\4K\Wallpaper\Windows\*.*
xcopy img0.jpg C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\ /Q /Y

Wrap all of these in a package in SCCM and you’re ready!

Add a “Run Command Line” step in your task sequence(s) pointing to your new package and run “cmd.exe /c loadSolidColourBackground.cmd”.

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