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SCCM – Making InstallShield Setups Run Silently (Example: Epson Easy Interactive Tools)

Hey folks,

At my place of employ we recently rolled out several fancy new Epson interactive projectors and, with any equipment roll-out, they needed some software.  So, with my fresh copy of the Easy Interactive Software downloaded form the Epson website I quickly set about building a package.

Except none of the normal switches worked.

I eventually discovered that when running the installer it is a program within a program and the shell program silently unpacks the actual content into my user profile’s temp directory (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp).  I could see before it was an InstallShield installer but now that I had the actual files I was in business!

Except the usual “Setup.exe /s” didn’t work.

What I ended up having to do is run “Setup.exe /r” to run through the install in what is called a ‘record mode’ and at the end it generated a response file named Setup.iss in the Windows directory.

I grabbed this file, placed it with my found install files and when I ran the “Setup.exe /s” again it installed as it should.  I have not tried it yet but it should then be possible to generate a response file to perform a silent uninstall as well so you can run “Setup.exe /uninst /s”.

Hope this helps you!